Maintenance of CUDA drivers

CUDA drives should be frequently updated, especially when the CUDA version is updated. These drives not only control the CUDA dependencies of the software installed, but also the graphical user interface of the machines.

As of 09/2021, the latest CUDA driver is the 460.84 version. You can find the installer on every jjn0X machine on


It suffices to execute the NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-460.84.run file

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NWchem Installation and Execution

1) Get ga-openmpi (and all its dependencies) >sudo yum install ga-openmpi Below is a list of all dependencies required by nwchem_openmpi: ga-openmpi is needed by nwchem-openmpi-7.0.2-4.el7.x86_64 liba

Bash Group Commands

ROOT PERMISSIONS REQUIRED 1) Create group: >groupadd name_group 2) Add user(s) to a group >usermod -a -G name_group username 3) Visualize users of a specific group >grep "name_group" /etc/group 4) Cha

Gaussian Installation and Execution

INSTALLATION 0-1) Create a group for gaussian users. This required by gaussian as it allows exclusively people belonging to such group to use the software (See also the wiki on bash group commands for