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  • Research Assistant in Simulations of Biological Systems


One Research Assistant position for 2 years is available in the field of simulation of biological systems in the group of Juan J. Nogueira at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

  • Project: The research will focus on the theoretical simulation of the mode of action of photoswitches when they interact with ion channels embedded in lipid membranes by means of classical and quantum mechanical methods. The simulations involve the binding of photoswitches to the protein, the photoisomerization of the photoswitches inside the protein pockets, and the blocking of ion transport through the channel after photoisomerization. The appointee will employ different theoretical methods, including classical molecular dynamics, enhanced-sampling methods, quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM), and non-adiabatic molecular dynamics, among others. Moreover, it is very likely that the researcher participates in other research projects

  • Duration and start date: The appointee should start on April 2021 and will be hired for 2 years.

  • Essential Criteria:  

    • Graduate in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or related discipline. Foreign academic degrees must be recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

    • The applicant must be registered in the Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil by 26th February 2021. 

    • The applicant must not have been employed by the Autonomous University of Madrid since 10th July 2020.

  • Desirable Criteria:  

    • Previous experience with molecular dynamics simulations and electronic structure calculations, especially for electronically excited states.

    • Attendance to Theoretical and Computational Chemistry courses. 

    • Previous experience with Linux-based operating systems.

    • English B2 level or higher.

    • Programming (Fortran, C+ …) and scripting skills (Python, Bash …).

  • Salary: Gross salary (before applying national income taxes) is 16764 euros/year and includes Spanish Social Security and public healthcare. 

  • Funding: The Comunidad de Madrid regional government provides funding for this job from the call to hire Research Assistants and Lab Technicians (Ref. PEJ-2020-AI/BMD-18334).


  • Application: Interested applicants can contact Juanjo Nogueira at juan.nogueira(at) for more information.  

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